+1D to INT, attribute cap for INT raised to 5.

Huar is meant to be pronounced like the first part of “Juarez”, but they themselves don’t care if you pronounce it “who-ar” or “har”. If you’re human, some might just be flattered that you’re actually talking to them at all.

The Huar were created by the Greys because their species was dying out to a lethal virus that targeted their base genetic code. The Huar are a hybrid of the Grey’s original species and humans. Creating a hybrid with humans “patched” the genetic vulnerability exploited by the virus. For the Greys, it was too late though. They died out before they could could supplement their populations with Huar and the empire died out with the few Huar left to fend for themselves. The Huar have since developed into a largely nomadic species, dependent on a number of colonies with no exact capitol or home planet.

Physically, the Huar closely resemble humans, though a bit shorter; about 10-11 centimeters usually. Huar are totally hairless and have extremely pale, green-tinged skin to match their pale green blood. Their heads aren’t really larger than a typical humans, but their eyes definitely are larger (about twice as big) and they tend to have greenish-brown eye colors. They do have noses, but they’re squashed flat like a chimp’s nose with slits for nostrils.

Huar often wear hazardous environment suits at all times, a cultural tradition left over from their creation during a plague. According to myth, the virus may still be out there, and some Huar wear their suits as a precaution, though they’re commonly thought of as paranoid. Most just wear them out of tradition, and because Huar society had enviro-suits before they discovered clothing from others species.

As a species, they are usually left to themselves, without much of an empire to speak of. Huar generally look upon humans quite favorably , being themselves part Human. Huar don’t have much of a military, but they do quite well as scouts, being quite skilled at adapting to strange new environments and making do with limited resources. The seek to trade often with humans given that human goods typically suit them much better than those of other species. That said, there are movements in favor of Huar independence that strive to preserve their distinction from humans and their heritage from the Greys.


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