Orbital Defense Platforms

Orbital Defense Platforms are satellite stations with big shooty guns of some kind.

Some things to consider:

1) A “Rods from Gods” type of weapon just drops a heavy object into the planet’s gravitational pull, with no further form of propulsion needed. By the time the object falls through the atmosphere and into the ground, it’s already reached terminal velocity and still hits with a massive amount of force, again, with little to no form of propulsion other than gravity itself. These kinds of stations would have to target straight down, or at least fire the projectile at an angle so that it will fall onto the target.

2) If the station has some other kind of weapon, like a laser or a railgun, it should not shoot straight down. Instead, the gun should be mounted almost perpendicular to the surface of the planet. This way it could not only use the planet for cover to fire at outside threats, but it could also fire on in-atmosphere threats without causing as much collateral damage on the ground. It might still have to fire down at an angle to avoid hitting a battleship and punching straight through to a city though. But if the station lined up almost with the horizon, it could in theory fire at an upward angle through the atmosphere and into space.

3) In either case, it makes more sense to have the stations orbit at different distances from the planet in “layers”. Downward facing stations can then get a wider spread and sideways stations could fire from a higher or lower angle.

Orbital Defense Platforms

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